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Tools created by Participants


On this page you can add your name and what you create during the session, under the corresponding block. If you have created blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc. before this session, please, add the link to the LINKS section in our Yahoo Group





Nouamane ERRIFKI

i have already created two blogs up two now. well, they are the ones that are still from now and then updated. i created others in Wordpress, but i gave them up for purely technical troubles.

the blogs that i'm still updating are in blogger. these are their links:



Nouamane - both of these are quite nice with good lessons. Great job! sharon betts


Pedro Maleno


I'm building my blog as it's http://2blogdelasolana.blogspot.com

If you visit it now, you won't see much but first introduction entry

and stuff like that.

Pedro, I could not get your blog to load. Can you check the URL? sharon betts


Daniela Munca

My blog: http://dvmunca.blogspot.com/


Sylwia Kossakowska-Pisarek

My blog concerning English for Law: http://englishforlaw-sylwiapisarek.blogspot.com/


My personal blog to reflect upon some webtools and keep track of my learning journey.



Natasa Bozic Grojic

I have just started my brand new blog at http://lunas994.blogspot.com . I was going to create an educational blog, but it somehow turned into a personal blog. I am still experimenting and I am not sure which way to go from here.


Carlos Ferreira


I haven't done much so far and I only tried one blog "builder": Blogger from Google. It has fulfilled my expectations, in terms of what I wanted to do and what I can do in it. Since BAW 08 began, I went to other blogs and found some very interesting, some are a possibility to work on in the future. I have two blogs: the first one was an attempt to gather the little things and pieces I had on other places and the second a BAW08 newly born project, that is still being built: A joint blog / written exchange between the french students of my school and the ones from Isabelle Aub of Canada. Here are the two blogs



In my school, we also regularly use Moodle platform and there is a page for the Portuguese language activity, where I only post presentations from my students and two in French: one for begginers and one for intermediate:



Finally, I have recently joined TLG - Sharon Betts ning space and I am enjoying it very much...




Ma. Lorena Recio

I created a blog for our Methods II class because our teacher, Gladys Baya, suggested it. It was an incredible experience and that was the beggining of my love for blogs and wikis. Then I learnt about Podcasts and other tools. Also, thanks to Gladys's introduction to blogs, I had access to EVO Sessions and I'm learning a LOT! Here goes the link to my humble blog and I will also include my hubby's blog about Antarctica because he started it as a result of my insistence ;) and he loves having visitors. His is even better than mine. See you all around,


My Blog: http://lorenarecio.blogspot.com

**Tincho's blog: http://tinchoantartida.blogspot.com



MHMD NOFAL (amma2jo)

this is the first time to be in baw so I feel glad to learn in this group.



Patricia Wierna Saravia (Pato)

I proudly invite you all to visit my baby blog http://reflectingonweb20.blogspot.com/. It's a shy start, but still learning. Don't forget to leave a post!


Carina Llosa


These are the two blogs I share with my students:





Most of them are very shy about their English, so they don't usually leave any message. Besides, as most are on vacation, I haven't added many things recently. This week is inspiring me to post more things. Thanks!


Silvia Colombo

My experience at blogging is very limited. As a member of CALL Special Interest Group, coordinated by Rita Zeinstejer, I have participated in several blogs she has opened, mainly commenting on her posts.

Last year we were experimenting with Multiply and I happened to open my own personal blog to keep on trying its different applications. If you look at it,you'll see it's very modest, but I believe it will help me gain confidence in the use of technology. Then I will be ready to launch my Class blog! I hope so!




José Antônio


I do not use Blogger that much and I need to learn more about it. I just revamped a Blogger blog I used to have and I liked the experience. I think blogs are wonderful and appealing no matter what blog host you choose.I posted a commercial video I like a lot.



Mirian Alvarez


I've created this blog intended for children with the voice tools learnt during this session:





Maria Rosario Di Mónaco


I don't have much experience working with blogs, or with any other web2.0 tools for that matter. I just started last year when I joined the CALL SIG coordinated by Rita Zeisntejer.

This blog is only a week old and I've tried to apply some of the things I've learned at BaW08 while getting familiar with the different features the blog offers. I intend to use it with my FCE students this year but it will need some editing.





Ronaldo Lima Jr


Personal blog about my language teaching + technology journey:




Nergiz Kern

Here is my first blog. Now that I've started blogging, I understand what it is all about. It's definitely fun. It's a personal blog and has nothing to do with teaching but one of my German friends told me, she reads my blog every day as a way of keeping up with what I'm doing. At the same time, she is improving her English because she uses a dictionary while reading and looks up the new words. I'm also working on my first class wiki and blog...




Nouamane ERRIFKI

i also created a wiki using pbwiki service. in fact, it was a joint collaboration on a project that touches ICT and its relevance to EFL learning and teaching. well, this experience was not that successful and thus given up too as time went by.

here's the link:




Another teacher, Fernanda Cavalié, and I are working on a wiki, but there's still a lot to be done. For the moment, we're just recommending sites to be used by the students. It's our aim to make it more interactive and hope it'll be used at the institution we`re working for. Motivating other teachers to participate isn't easy, but we'll keep trying . . .

This is our modest page: http://laboratoriodeidiomas.pbwiki.com/

I'm sure I'll be able to do much more after this wonderful opportunity.


Here's my blog as well: <http://newtoolsinlanguagelearning.blogspot.com/>

Hope you like it.

Marina Alfonso


Annie B

I started creating a pbwiki called <http://thelanguageworkshop.pbwiki.com> a couple of months ago but this session has inspired me to keep at it and it's really growing. If you would like to take a look and comment, please do. I'd be delighted. The password is "languages".

Thanks to this group I've managed to upload some images and even a slideshow and a nicer "skin".

The most successful image and story uploader is "Christiane", an older learner (around 65 years old.) You'll see her "English hobby pages" there. I'm so proud of her!





Carina Llosa


I've just created this wiki:





Natasa Bozic Grojic

I have just been to the PBWiki and created my first wiki page. There are just two introductory sentences in it it the moment, but here is the link: http://lunas994.pbwiki.com/Natasa%27s+wiki

I have a new wiki: http://singidunum.pbwiki.com/FrontPage containing my graduation gift for you all.


Mirian Alvarez


I've just created my first pbwiki with a front page introduction for the time being. I'll add more content as time goes by with syllabus pages, general instructions and learning outcomes.

Here is the link:




Carlos Ferreira


My experience in wiki is also very recent, I started using it as a tool to use in my lessons. Initially, I wanted to produce lessons from music, news, interviews - all video available. I started bits and pieces but I haven't finished it yet (so many things, so little time!)The wiki has good potential but like all this net tools, it takes more time than the one I have:




Now, I ´have also used wiki spaces and crested a page http://ferreirac.wikispaces.com/ where you can find an audio file and a Quizz from Hot Potatoes


Gladys Ledwith

We created this pbwiki as an end of the year project to show parents their children's productions. The year was almost finishing so we couldn't use them extensively. We will continue using them this year.



Ronaldo Lima Jr



Daniela Munca

ESL Funland



Nergiz Kern

This is my first wiki and it took me ages to create. I used the new "point-and-click editor" otherwise I wouldn't have been able to create it. It's a wiki for teachers (DELTA candidates) and teacher trainers.



Silvia Colombo and Maria R. Di Mónaco

This is a wiki started as a way to keep track of at least a few of the many tools, links and tips encountered at BAW, and then it developed into a joint project. For both of us, it's our first experience ever with wikis.



This is a wiki about wikis and blogs which was created to collaborate and share more ideas about them.Feel free to contribute if you have any suggestions.




M. Lorena Recio

I've created a wiki (better late than never!) but I'm not so sure about it. I'm completely sure it is really useful and I really want to use it for my classes, but I had a terrible week with it... and I still can't make it work as I would like too. However, I won't give it up, I'll keep on trying till I get it right.

I want to include videos, voice thread, quizzes but I'll have to wait until I have my courses with adults or teenagers.

Well, here I present my baby-born wiki: http://payingandlearning.pbwiki.com

I made a typo when creating it and it should have been "playing" but I couldn't change my link. I created it for one of my young students. I know there are links (Game Maker) that do not work because the wiki keeps on changing the link I introduce to it. That is why I included also another file for my students to download and play in their computers.

Thanks to everyone for being there to help me, I love the group we've made, love from Argentina.


Vida Zorko

This is a wiki I use with my students in blended Problem Based Learning: PBL wiki

This is a wiki my students use to expand their vocabulary: Vocabulary Aid wiki





Carlos Ferreira


Even more ignorant of this webtool if possible - I did one, once, no twice to answer Daf's questions on week 2. It is also a kind of tool to explore... http://voicethread.com/share/52381/ - is mhy first experience in sound + image work (I'm not sure if it's podcast or podcast+screencast but it´s great. Chinswing is also to explore, as soon as I have the chance ... If the vloicethread is not visible , I have posted it in the blog. Just came back from chinswing where I have prepared an entry to go with my students http://www.chinswing.com/pages/discussion.aspx?id=4f0bc676-b359-4a7d-86b7-3ef52336f3c5 After all, it appears that some of these are screencasts and some others podcasts.... Mind my ignorance! New podcast - in podomatic http://ferreirac.podOmatic.com/entry/2008-02-08T08_06_09-08_00 I hope you enjoy it. Meanwhile, I prepared new version, with better sound of the same episode. It can be viewed in http://ferreirac.podOmatic.com/entry/2008-02-10T19_59_03-08_00






José Antônio


I have created a Splashcast show with pictures I took on my vacation. I think this can be an alternative to voice thread because it allows audio, text, and video comments. One of the drawbacks is that it does not allow frame by frame comments like Voicethread does. It is a great tool for creating tutorials also.



Carlos Ferreira


I have also created a Splashcast with pictures of my home town and the town where I work, including my school. I taped it directly otherwise you wouldn´t get it so soon... More than the quality of the imeges, it's a totally different reality from what JA has brought us, but I thought that was precisely the point.



Ronaldo Lima Jr

I have published a contrastive review of Voicethread, Splashcast and Qlipboard.

Check it out:




Ronaldo Junior


Cartoon created using Pixton





Interactive exercises

Teresa Almeida d'Eca


Exercises created for 5th grade students (1st year EFL) while experimenting with Memory Game Maker


Listening exercises

Memory Game (Matching Eng-Eng questions)

Memory Game (Matching Eng-Portugese questions)


Text exercises

School objects (Matching images and words)

Classroom objects (Matching images and words)

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