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Participants Gallery




Click on Edit page to add your profile. We have included a form for you to follow. -You will be provided with the password in the Yahoo Group list

Once you click on Edit page, scroll down the page until you see the last introduction, then...



Follow these instructions to copy your intro:

1. Write your name next to the 3 exclamation marks !!! Please add yourself at the bottom, after the last profile you find

2. Add the URL to your photo between brackets [], where it says add your photo here

3. Write the information about your place of work, the country where you live, and your Yahoo ID between the vertical bars ||

4. the same with the information about what you do and why you joined this session

5. Click on Save

If you have questions, feel free to ask in the YG list







Dafne Gonzalez

ESP/EFL teacher at Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela. I belong to the EVO coordination team, and I am a proud Webhead since 2002. All my courses are blended or completely online. This is our fifth round of Becoming a Webhead.

Yahoo ID = dygonza, Skype ID = dafnegon939, Twitter = dafwebhead, Facebook = Daf Y, Ning = Dafne Gonzalez, Flickr = Daf2, Del.icio.us = Daf4, WiZiQ = Daf, SL = Daf Smirnov

For more information, please visit this page





Nouamane Errifki


EFL teacher in a Governmental Junior high school in Morocco. Fields of interests: ICT and EFL teaching pedagogy.

yahoo ID = bowcrek290, skype = danny.crane, gmail = nouamane.errifki, del.icio.us = nouamaneer, blogger = teachingandteachers. why i joined: simply to become a webhead a thing that will for sure develop my teaching style and thus performance



Maria Lorena Recio


Hi everyone. I'm Lorena and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been teaching for 10 years but "officially" (with degree) for 5 years. I love teaching and I've taught in all kinds of levels, from first form to advance courses (CAE). I've studied at Liceo Cultural Britanico and I'm 1 subject and the trainee courses away from getting my second degree. I'm not working at the moment because I'm on holiday but as soon as I'm back in Bs As I'll start teaching a course for FCE.

yahoo ID = lorena_recio, skype= lorena.recio, blog = lorenarecio.blogspot.com. Why I joined: I love all kinds of technology and I want to improve because I don't know as much as I thought I did and I love learning



Julia Shuster

photo Hello all! I'm not a teacher yet but a student in education college, English Major. I'm looking forward for learning something new and exciting from this workshop! Coming from Southern Israel where sun is shining almost every day a year! Yahoo ID: japonocka





your photo your profile and EVO session
Hello all! I am a teacher of English in one of Moscow private language schools. I teach adults from Elementary to Intermediate level, mainly in company. I joined this group because I want to learn how to teach English online and make it worthwhile experience for my students and myself. I also want to learn how to use modern technologies and webtools effectively and efficiently in class. I am looking forward to meeting new people and sharing our ideas and experiences!

My Yahoo ID: Elfina Dolphinblue

My Skype: elfina (dolphin26blue)

My Second Life: Elfina Demina



Hello everyone! I'm an English teacher at a technical and vocational school in Neishabour, Iran.I'm here because I want to learn how to incorporate technology into my classes and I'm sure you will help:). My major areas of interest are "CALL" and "Metadiscourse".

My Yahoo ID: masoud_777

My Skype: masoudamiri




Susana Canelo

Hi !!! I'm an architect and English teacher in Del Valle, Argentina. I live in Del Valle, a very small village.I teach teenagers and I'm always looking for new things to improve my teaching.I took part in BAW06/07 and I have to confess: it's a bit addictive!!!I want to try Second Life. My Yahoo ID: susana_canelo and my Skype :susanacanelo3694, blog: http://endelvallesi.blogspot.com; gmail:susanacanelo;Blinklist:susanacanelo




Nina Liakos

I have been teaching ESL for over 30 years, 24 of them at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland, USA (outside of Washington, DC). I first became a webhead in 2006, and it has added an extraordinary dimension to my professional and personal life. My time is limited this year as I am coordinating a self-study at my institute, but I hope to find enough time to explore some of the tools I am unfamiliar with and to interact with this great group of people from all over the world. My advice to all the first-timers out there is to relax and not worry about what you can't do. Do what you can, and take it again next year if you need to (as so many of us do!). Once you are a webhead, there is a big supportive community of fellow webheads out there all year round! My Yahoo and Skype IDs are nina_liakos. My first blog, begun during BaW06, is at http://ninas1stblog.blogspot.com and my latest foray into the blogosphere, designed for students who want to improve their English independent of a class, is at http://englishpower.wordpress.com. See you soon online!





Julie Thornton

Hello! I have been teaching and testing ESL since 1990. I work at the American Language Institute at Cal State University, Long Beach. I became a webhead in 2007, but I did not apply all of things I learned, so I am back for another dose! I look forward to a wonderful session!




Marcia Martins

I have been an EFL teacher for over 30 years, most of them for the Brazilian Navy. I've also worked for a private language institute in Niteroi, my home town and as a consultant for the Oxford University Press in Rio de Janeiro. At the moment I coordinate the Navy English Online Course but I do not teach. I was with you last year more as a lurker than as an active participant. I joined again because I hope to do better this time and I believe I can improve and learn much with all of you. I also think it is so amazing to be online with people from so many different and interesting parts of the world.

SKYPE: marcia.martins9

EMAIL: marciamartins5@terra.com.br




Nergiz Kern

Hi. I've been teaching general, business and technical English as a private tutor and in-company in Germany for seven years. Last summer, I moved to Bursa in Turkey where I hope to start teaching soon. At the moment, I am on holiday after the DELTA course which I've just finished in the UK. I still have some students in Germany who would like to continue their lessons with me. This is one of the reasons why I would like to learn more about ICT and how to use it for teaching English.|



Maria Teresa Barinotto

Hello! I´ve been teaching English for many years. I started in a primary school, but for the last ten years I´m teaching English language at a University College. My students study Hotel Managemente and Tourism. I really enjoy what I´m doing and I think that Web 2.0 is an excellent way of teaching and learning.

I live in a city called San Isidro that is around 20km from the capital city, Buenos Aires.

I hope to learn a lot not only about the web but also about my "webmates".




Natasa Bozic Grojic

Hello everyone. My name is Natasa. I come from Belgrade, Serbia. I teach English in a language school. I teach all levels, from beginner to advanced. I work with adults and teenagers. I am here for the first time. Although I have been a teacher for 17 years, I am a beginner as far as ICT goes. Yahoo: natasabozicgrojic, gmail: lunas994, Skype: grojici.banjica, blog: http://lunas994.blogspot.com, SL: Natalija Wingtips.



Jack Burston

  Hello! I am Jack Burston. I'm originally from the US, but lived for 25 years in Melbourne, Australia. So far it looks like I'm the only Aussie in the group. I am now living and working in Cyprus as the director of the Language Centre at the University of Cyprus. I have over 20 years experience in CALL and have a long association with CALICO and IALLT. However, I haven't done much work with web-based applications so am very much looking forward to learning from this workshop.





marie raye


This is my second time with webheads. I had joined two years ago, but was shy and unfamiliar; still am. Now I must learn and experiment with ict in teaching because of my phd. program. I'm Korean/American Muslim living in Iran and a full-time, tenured lecturer at al-Zahra Univ., all-women's univ. in Tehran. Enjoy teaching and like to learn new things to help facilitate learning process. Also, am in second semester of doctorate program, major, Teaching English. Thanks for the support and cooperation.





susan carroll


Hello, I'm English and teach business English in France. I've been teaching for about 15 years, starting with little kids and then getting older students! (in keeeping with my age) Now I see that people are attracted to new technology, but often don't know what's out there or how to use it. So, I'm hoping to learn a little about this exciting field, to be able to help my students enjoy their lessons.




Jaya Balasubramanian

I am from Chennai, a city in India. I teach for engineering graduates. I aspire to enhance the language skills of my students through technology and this is the reason behind joining Baw08. Yahoo:jaichelluin@yahoo.co.in your introduction here




Yuly Asención-Delaney

Hi everybody!. I am originally from Venezuela where I used to teach English. I am now living in the States and teaching Spanish at college level in Arizona. I have used some webtools before but just by trial and error. I would like to have more information about the options we have out there to make language teaching more enjoyable and motivating.




Janet Tucker

Hello everyone. My name is Janet Tucker (jnt_tucker@yahoo.com). I live in Beersheva, Israel and teach EFL at Ben-Gurion University to science, engineering and health science students. I would like to learn how to use web based tools better so that I can integrate them into my courses. Last year I participated in "blogging for beginners". I learned a lot but didn't get a chance to use blogs in class yet. I hope to learn a lot here and to actually use my new knowledge with my students.




Pedro Maleno


EFL teacher in IES Nº2 in La Solana, four years' experience, keen on IT but willing to learn how to use ICT resources in classroom. I joined this group because I was advised to take a look at this group and learn from great professionals who deal with all this stuff in classroom





Sandy Wagner

Hello to Everyone! My name is Sandy Wagner and I am Assistant Professor, Faculty Development at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. My position involves a variety of tasks related to teacher training in second language acquisition. I train, design and develop workshops as needed by our language schools and provide guidance and mentoring for integrating technology, pedagogy and language instruction (my favorite part of my position). I also design and facilitate online courses for TESOL. I joined this group to network and learn more about Web 2.0 tools and teaching with technology.




Lenka Dvorakova

Hello, I'm Lenka, I've been teaching English for 16 years, half of it in my own school in Sokolov, Czech Republic. I've taught all levels and ages, more recently usually adult beginners to intermediates. I also work as a teacher trainer. I'm always looking for new ideas -- and that's why I joined. YahooID: lenkadv; Skype: lenkadv (not very creative, am I :-); gmail: 07pmtalk




Heather Thompson

Greetings! I am Heather from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. I have been a Spanish teacher for almost 3 years now, and I am in the midst of becoming certified to teach ESL. I love technology and would love to use more in my classroom. yahoo: yo_olvido/lasenorathompson; gmail: senorathompson; Skype: heather.thompson52




Monica Sanin

I'm Mónica from Buenos Aires , Argentina. I've been a teacher of EFL for 18 years now and I work in a school where I am coordinator of the English Department. Last year I did a course on implementing e-learning projects and I've joined this community in order to become more acquainted with the use of ICT in the classroom. I hope this will be a wonderful opportunity to learn and make friends, too.My yahoo ID: moni_2006_ar ; My skype ID: monica.sanin




Ellyn Yishai

photo Hi Everyone! Although formerly from the USA, I have been living in Israel, teaching English for the past 16 years, first in elementary school, but now in junior/high school. I have joined this group in order to familiarize myself and learn to use Web 2.0 tools in my teaching. I have LOTS to learn and this group seems like the perfect place to start. My gmail is ellynsy@gmail.com and my yahoo id is ellynsy





Marsha Chan

I'm Marsha Chan. I teach ESL at Mission College in Silicon Valley, California, to students from many places around the world. I've always enjoyed incorporating technology in language learning. I've been using the web to enhance face-to-face classes since the 1990s, and I've been teaching online for about a dozen years. I look forward to learning some new tools, concepts, and activities in this EVO. My Yahoo and Skype ID is marshachan.






Ehsan Amini

This young dashing gentleman here is Ehsan Amini. He's an Iranian freelance EFL teacher. He used to teach in an academic center before, but now he only teaches a handful of private students at home. He loves Classical Music, Mathematics, Information Theory, and Pasta (esp. macaroni alla mojarrada!), He also enjoys BAWing: He has already BAW07ed a bit and consequently got burried under an avalanche of emails full of exciting ideas from interesting people. This year he wants to BAW08 for six weeks... Hurray!!! Click on the smiley to chat with him in Y! messenger:

His Weblog, His page on Yahoo 360°




Ania Rolinska

Hi, my name is Anna. All my friends call me Ania though. Originally, I'm from Poland but for the last 2.5 years I've been living in the Czech Republic. I'm working as a TEFL teacher at Prague branch of International House. I teach mainly adults and especially enjoy one-to-one or small groups. I started using podcasts last school year and that's how I came across EVO. I think it's a fantastic idea and online tools have so much to offer! Unfortunately, I'll be mainly lurking here this year :( as I'm doing DELTA at the moment and have not much spare time left. I'm sure I'll learn a lot anyway. Once I finish my studies in June, Internet-enhanced teaching is my next project!:) My Yahoo ID: annarolinska; Skype: anz777; Facebook: Ania Rolińska



Christina Kwok

Hi everyone, my name is Christina Kwok and I've lived in Switzerland for the past 10 years although I'm originally from Malaysia. My yahoo ID is getupnboogie. My email: ckwok@bluewin.ch. I've been teaching all levels of English (general, business, technical) at 2 private language schools in Baden and Zurich for the past 3 years after leaving the corporate world of petroleum exploration and marketing consulting.

As a new teacher who's recycled later on in life from another profession, I'm interested in finding out more about new learning and teaching technologies and staying uptodate with the latest trends. I am fascinated by the possibilities of Web 2.0 and this seemed like a good opportunity to slowly dip my feet.

Looking forward to it all.




Patricia Wierna Saravia (Pato)


Hello everyone! I'm Patricia Wierna Saravia but with such a long name everbody calls me Pato and I love it. I live in Salta, a beautiful city north of Argentina. I've been an EFL teacher for twenty years or so and I love it. I've always tried to be updated to be a better teacher and from some time (thanks to my good friend Maria Lorena) I've been very interested in this new technology and I'm eager to learn as much as possible, not only to work with my students but also to introduce my team (I own a small English School in my neighbourhood) to it. I'm also eager to meet and make new friends. Ah! my yahoo ID is pwiernasaravia. See you around.





Mirian Alvarez

Hi, everyone! I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a teacher interested in applying ict tools into my teaching practice. I teach English to children, adolescents and adults at public schools. I'm also taking up a post-graduate c



Dr. Don Brown


Can't quite figure out the photo thingy, but would like to introduce myself. My photo is uploaded int this page's files. I am an administrator for a statewide virtual school in Oregon. I am always wanting to learn how to better teach our ESL students, and all students. I am hoping to learn a lot about Web 2.0 in BAW08. I also like space science, and teach kids as a volunteer for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, which sends robotic probes to other planets! My Yahoo ID is Soyuzsam (since I got to see a Soyuz launch in Kazakhstan) and my Skype name is uniquedon



Antonella Berriolo

Sorry to be late, as usual :o) Well, I teach Italian at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Barcelona and in a private university. I'm here because I'm instersted in ITC and e-learning, and seeing the wonderful fellow-students I will be working with I'm sure I will learn really I lot. And that I will be back next year :o)Ah, as you see, my English is rather "immaginative", so be patinent! My Skype name is aberriolo, my Yahoo ID is antonellaberriolo, my SL name is anna Begonia.



Pat Soares

Hello Everybody! Just before the kick off I managed to edit this page, well, part of ... still having problems with the photo :-(. I'm Patrícia Soares and for the last 3 years I've been teaching young learners in primary schools on the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal. I've joined this session simply because I love teaching and I feel teaching and learning is a never ending process that needs constantly refreshing changes! Yahoo ID and skype - patmsoares




Malila Prado

Hi, e-friends! I´m Malila, writing from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I´ve been teaching English for 12 years now. I´m learning how to use these Web tools, so please, be patient with me! I´m really eager to learn with you all! Skype ID: malila.prado.




Yvonne D Eaton

Hello! My name is Yvonne and a TESOL graduate student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. This is my first BAW and I am really excited about participating. I look forward to meeting and learning from all of you.

email:yeaton08@yahoo.com; Skype: yvonne.d.eaton



Zsofia Ocsovszky

Hello, Iam Zsofia from Hungary. However Iam alibrarain I have joined to this course, because I have an NGO which is workign for promoting the usage of new technology in education and culture and it's target to raise the level of digital literacy in Hungary. Meanwhile Iam working with teachers and schools in implementing different European projects. One of these school won e-learning prize in this year in creativity category. I would like to learn more, and passing this knowledge for the sake of the children. email: ozsofizsofi@yahoo.com, Skype: ozsofesz, web: www.micecult.org



Gladys Ledwith

I live in Belén de Escobar a small city 50 kms from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been an English teacher for almost 30 years, at the moment I'm coordinating the English Department in a bilingual school. All this is very new to me, last year I started a Ning space (http://teachustech.ning.com) on the one hand so as to go through the experience myself, on the other to share experiences and materials with other teachers. I'm sure I'll learn a lot from all of you!My Skype: gladys.ledwith



Dorota Morawska-Walasek

My name's Dorota and I live and work in Częstochowa, Poland. I've been an EFL teacher at the College of Foreign Languages for 12 years now, teaching all kinds of courses from Business English, to Listening Comprehension or Practical Grammar or Integrated Skills Course. Some of these courses are now enhanced with online materials (in Moodle) and I do enjoy creating this kind of online support for students. I'm here because I'd like to incorporate more web 2.0 tools into my online teaching.

Skype: dorotkamw, email: dorotamw@gamil.com



Zhenja Bakin

I'm Zhenja from Moscow, Russia. I've been teaching ESL for 7 years now with a one year break of teaching Russian as a second language in USA under Fulbright Program. Now I work for IH-Moscow and teach some exam courses. My professional interests are motivation thru classroom management and creative lessons. I love mountaineering and swing dancing.

I'm here because I want to learn more about web 2.0 tools and start teaching with internet support. Also I'm looking for professional communication.

Skype: stolostul; email: preteach@gmail.com; www.preteach.pbwiki.com (still under construction)


Beyza Yilmaz

Hi BAWers:)

My name is Beyza Yilmaz and I'm from Turkey.I've been teaching English for four years and for the last three years I've worked at Bahcesehir University English Preparatory Program.I attended two EVO sessions last year and learned lots of useful things about blogs,wikis and other webtools and used them with my classes.I'd like to expand my knowledge about webtools and make use of them more effectively with my students.I'm really looking forward to sharing ideas with this lovely group and learning TOGETHER. My Yahoo ID is beyzaY.Best wishes.


Maizie Avihayil

photo I am originally from England but have been living in Israel for 30 years! I work in 2 different schools Grades 3-8. I am the English Coordinator in both schools. I am also a mentor for 1st year teachers. My Yahoo ID: maizieil My Skype: maizieil Second Life: Heather8 Devin.



Jeremy Robinson

I am a MATFL-Spanish student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. As well I am completing a CALL certificate. I plan to teach Spanish at the community college level after I graduate and so am very interested in making connections with any English teachers in Spanish speaking countries to do online cultural exchange projects in the future. I have many other CALL and teaching interests so let's get to know each other




New CALL Blog:http://callrevolution.blogspot.com


Hala Fawzi

An EFL teacher from Khartoum. A proud Sudanese webhead since 2005.I was a co- moderator in 2006 and a moderator in 2007.I chose to be a relaxed webhead this year to be able to move an inch more in doing my research.Excited to be here!YM ID: haloolahakema. Skpye ID: halafawzi12345




Rob Ledbury

photo I'm a teacher trainer working at Izmir University of Economics, Izmir, Turkey. I've been in Turkey for twenty years and training at IUE for the last five. I'm involved in ICELT and CELTA courses. I've joined this course as technology in language education is something I really ought to know more about. I'm excited and feeling overwhlemed and keep getting lost. Wonder how I'll be a week from now. My Yahoo ID is: ledburyrob1@yahoo.co.uk. I'm also involved in this: www.languagecafe.eu



Vida Zorko

My name is Vida Zorko and I am from Slovenia. I've been teaching English for about 18 years. Since 2000 I’ve been a lecturer in ESP/EAP English at the Faculty of Social Sciences (the University of Ljubljana). I use wikis, forums and blogs with my students and I love it. I joined BaW08 because I’d like to find out what’s new in the world of web tools. Looking forward to meeting and learning with you.


Richard Turnbull

Hi, my name is Richard Turnbull, based in Brighton, UK and I have been EFL teaching for the past five years, am the ICT specialist at my school, am doing my DELTA, studying on the consultants-e ICT in the Classroom course and now attempting to become a Webhead! Consequently I don't sleep much! I have been on the Webheads list for the last six months or so and it seems an incredible wealth of cooperation and ideas... I'm looking forward to working with you and learning from you in the next six weeks! My Yahoo ID is richardturnbull. Cheers!


Laurel Schmolze

I'm Laurel and I'm a teacher educator and student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. I'm getting my MA TESOL degree in December and focusing on Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). I'm coteaching with Bob Cole and our class is spending the first six week interacting with the WebHeads. I really am looking forward to this! Hurrah for meeting new people! You can check out my personal website laurelschmolze.com or my Yahoo id is the_schmolze send me a message! I can be found on AIM as: thespiritgoddess and my skype name is: laurelschmolze --- my blog can be found here


Beth Collingwood

My name is Beth Collingwood and I'm an ESL teacher at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, an adult education centre here in London Ontario, Canada. My yahoo ID is evobetty which is also the name of my second life avatar (her last name is Avro after the great Canadian engineering feat - The Arvo Arrow Jet). I work with new Canadians and refugees. We specialize in streaming our new arrivals into specific employment sectors. As our funding is limited, I use the internet quite a bit, and would like to build on what little knowledge I've acquired. Looking forward to . . .everything!



Carlos F C Ferreira

My name is Carlos Ferreira, I come from Samora Correia in Portugal. I have been teaching Portuguese and French (FLE) in Escola Secundária de Benavente for the last twenty and some years. My students are from 15 to 18 old and they attend Secondary school after nine years of school and stay there for another three years. I also teach second opportunities basic educations to students that somehow didn't manage to end compulsory school. I decided to participate in this project as soon as I understood that besides learning I would have the opportunity to exchange the little I know about these things... I managed to get a blog and some tools to use in french lessons and If you're up to, visit my blog at http://carloswebzone.blogspot.com/ I'm very happy with this decision to participate in Baw08 as this feeling of cooperation is extaordinary! My Yahoo ID is carlos.fcferreira@yahoo.com Greetings for all of you Carlos


Isabelle Aubouy

Hi all! My name is Isabelle and I'm a French teacher in a private language school in Montreal, Canada. I'm originally from Chartres, France. I have studied English linguistics, literature and civilization at university for 3 years and then studied to become to French teacher abroad. I taught English here and there while I was studying at uni but I've been teaching French as a Foreign Language (FLE) for 3 years now and this has been my main professional activity ever since. I don't know much about the internet and other web-related technologies, but I know there's a whole world of resources and possibilities out there that I would like to explore and hopefully learn to use for my classes.

Yahoo ID : is_aub@yahoo.ca



Maria R. Di Monaco


Hi everybody! My name is Maria Rosario Di Mónaco. I'm from Rosario, Argentina. I run a private institute for the teaching of ESL/EFL and I'm currently teaching students at intermediate and upper intermediate level. In the last few years I've become increasingly interested in the new ICTs and their role in aiding the teaching/learning process. Last year I joined a CALL special interest group coordinated by dear Rita Zeinstejer, a webhead herself, who has inspired us to continue exploring this fantastic new world. I also took two online courses on related subjects. It seems that the more I see of these new technologies, the more I want to explore, so that's why I'm here. And already enjoying every moment in such good company!

My yahoo ID: marydimonaco@yahoo.co.uk

My skype user name: maria.rosario.di.monaco


Isabel Teixeira

I´m from Brazil.I teach English at a public language center and this is my third year in Baw ,which certainly has added a lot to my professional life.I hope to learn more and add something to the group this year.My skype Id is isabelteixeira7397 my email is marabel73@yahoo.com


Dennis in Phoenix

Hi, everyone. I'm Dennis Oliver in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. Until recently, I was an ESL and Developmental English teacher at Estrella Mountain Community College, a two-year institution located not far from where I live. I've been involved in online ESL since the mid 1990s, and some of my materials from that time are still online at three sections of Dave's ESL Cafe, as a link in one of the listening sites at Rong-Chang Li's ESL site, and among thegrammar and vocabulary quizzes at one of Charles Kelly's many ESL/EFL sites. I first heard of the Webheads in 2000 or 2001 at a TESOL conference in Vancouver, BC, when I attended a presentation by Vance Stevens. What attracted me initially—the high degree of technical expertise shown by Vance and the Webheads group—also intimidated me, however, so I kept aware of the Webheads, but only as an outsider, for more than ten years. Finally, two or three years ago, two quite remarkable women, our coordinators Dafne and Teresa, encouraged me to join. Teresa and Dafne have become my teachers, mentors, colleagues, and friends and I am grateful to them for this encouragement and much more. It helped me to realize that even though the Webheads as a group are definitely tech-savvy, they are also, as individuals, warm, caring, highly supportive, and always willing to help with computer-related questions.

Yahoo ID: doliver_phoenix

Skype ID: dennis-oliver


Sylwia Kossakowska-Pisarek

[] Hi everyone! I'm an English teacher from Warsaw University. I teach English for Law and Business English, but not only. I use moodle a lot, almost all my courses are blended. I would like to learn more about IT for teaching languages. My e-mail: sylwiakp@poczta.onet.pl, Skype: sylwiakp, Yahoo ID: skossakowskapisarek


Ruth Martin

photo My name is Ruth Martin, and I am an American teaching in the English Department at National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan. I teach Western literature, American culture, oral training, and advanced reading. My research interests are native/non-native teacher perceptions, task-based assessment, and intercultural competency. Recently I have become fascinated by the deep attraction that the Internet has for so many people for interacting and social networking and would like to incorporate more Internet-mediated instruction into my courses. Using email and doing Google searches don’t give me much credibility, so I hope to remedy that with all of you. ID ruthmartin88, email:ruthmartin88@yahoo.com



photo I am a Sudanese who grew up in Qatar. I teach EAP at Qatar University. We are started using Blackboard recently in our courses. I have some information about blogs. I felt that joining this session would be rewarding because it would be a great opportunity to meet with people from different backgrounds and experience, and educational backgrounds. email:jeela17@yahoo.com



Hassane Fathi

Dear BAWers.My name is Hassane Fathi.I'm from Morocco.I've been an EFL teacher for nine years.I didn't think it twice to join this course.I participated in the EVO session 2006 and i know what it means to be with such a wonderful team of knowledgeable and helpful moderators.I would like to explore new web tools and incorporate them in my teaching.My e-mail is:hassane_fathi75@yahoo.com


Margarida Miranda

My name is Margarida Miranda.I`ve been an EFL teacher since 1994 at a school near Lisbon, Portugal.I teach 7,8,and 9levels. Before 1994 I taught Portuguese at schools in Germany.I love teaching and as teaching is a challenging task I´d like to learn more about ICT and how to use it for teaching English.I don´t like computers very much but I hope I can keep up this course:-)My e-mail is marmirpor@yahoo.com.|



Carina Llosa

Hi! I'm Carina and I work for Log and Learn as an instructional designer, and I also teach English to adults. My email is carinallosa2002@yahoo.com.ar and my msn is carinallosa@hotmail.com. I've been in the Webhead's group for some months, and I've found it very fruitful. I hope to go on learning.


Teona Antochi

Hello everybody!I am Teona and I teach English in a college in Romania. This is the first time I have attended such an event and I am impressed. I have never imagined it is possible to get in touch with so many teachers all over the world and share. I want to thank the moderators for the way they organized everything and for making me feel in a big family. My email is teona17a@yahoo.co.uk



Sarah Braxton


Hello everyone, I am Sarah Braxton. I am the librarian at a public high school serving 7 - 12th grade students (12 - 18 years old) in central Pennsylvania, USA. I became a school librarian 3 years ago after spending many years working in the Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan library system as a library assistant. This fall I completed the certification to teach ESL in Pennsylvania. I joined this group because I learned so much in BAW07 while I was studying to teach ESL through Juniata College. I am excited to be part of the group again! Yahoo ID = svbraxton, Skype ID = sarah.braxton


Sally La Luzerne-Oi


photo Hello everyone! I'm Sally La Luzerne-Oi. I teach ESL at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu. Right now I'm on a leave of absence, so I'm writing to you from Green Bay, Wisconsin. During my 30 years of teaching, I've been fortunate to have had positions in Mexico, Venezuela, Portugal, Japan and Ukraine besides Wisconsin and Hawaii. This year one of my goals is to improve my CALL skills which are minimal. I look forward to learning from and with you. Yahoo ID: Sally3352000 E-mail: luzerne@att.net Skype: laluzerneoi


Daniela Munca.

photo I was born in a small but beautiful country in Eastern Europe - Moldova, on the border of the Nistru River, separating Moldova from Ukraine. I am an international graduate student in TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) at The University of Mississippi, as well as an ESL Instructor within the ESL Program. I teach elementary to upper-intermediate undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world. My students come from Korea and China, Jordan and India, Chile and Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Nederland, Armenia and Italy, France and Japan. We always have fun while learning English- it’s so exciting to share cultures and customs around the world in one classroom! I like teaching because I meet so many different students and learn something new each day. My students are my source of energy; they make my day and know how to make me smile. danielamunca@yahoo.com, my class blog: http://dvmunca.blogspot.com/, my teacherweb page http://teacherweb.com/MS/universityofmississippi/DanielaMuncaESLInstructor/



Ekaterina Mikhailova

Hello, everyone! I'm Ekaterina from Russia. I've been teaching mainly general and business English at University for nearly 10 years. I joined this group because I enjoy teaching and want to learn how to use computer technologies in class. Yahoo ID: ekaterina.mikhailova|


Austen Ezeifedi

Hi all! I am Austen from Togo in West Africa. I've been teaching ESL/EFL at Lome, capital of Togo for 9 years although I have really been teaching for more than 23 years all told. I also teach Secretarial English and Business English to various corporate bodies. I joined this group to LEARN and ACQUIRE requisite skills to help me in this direction. I hope to take as much as I can from everyone. My Yahoo ID is austenezeifedi and my Second Life name is Austen Kondor. Cheers|


Ronaldo Lima Jr.

Hello everyone! I was born, live, study and work in Brasília, Brazil! I became a webhead last year and since it was an incredible experience, I'm back, and hope to be back for BaW09, BaW10, and so on! I work with ELT for 8 years and am currently taking a Master's degree in applied linguistics. I hope to learn a lot this year and maybe be able to share a little!|


Isabel Neves

Hallo everyone, I'm a Portuguese teacher of EFL for 23 years in Escola Secundaria de Benavente, in the region of Lisbon, and I love using new technologies with my students. I also enjoy technologies to learn things for myself . If you want to have a look at my webprojects visit isabelcneves.googlepages.com. where I have links for several stuff. I love learning new things and I hope to learn a lot on this online course ! My yahoo Id is isabelcneves@yahoo.com.|



Hello everyone! I am from Lithuania. I teach ESP at Kaunas University of Technology. We use web-based tasks in our language courses, and I hope to learn more about web applications during this workshop.


Angeles Hernandez

Hello everyone! NIce to meet you in Baw. This is my third time in BaW and I will come back as far as they let me in. I've been a teacher of English for 24 years. I teach English at Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Santander, north of Spain. It is a state school for continuing language education. People come after work , university or other schools to learn or improve their language level. It's very popular. There is one Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in all main towns in Spain. Ours is very popular. We have about 5,000 studentes each year. We do comprehensive language courses, and we have free students and distance students too.

My yahoo ID: ahhpolanco My e-mail address: ahhpolanco@yahoo.com


Adolfo Arrieta

HI,I have been working as an English teacher at Millan Vargas High School for fourteen years. I have also taught ESP english at Universidad de Sucre for ten years. I live in Sincelejo, Sucre, Colombia. I joined this session because I'd like to improve my ICT skills and share experiences with teachers from all around the world. My e-mail adress is adolarrieta@yahoo.com. My yahoo ID is bernardo My skype user name is aarrieta64.




Shelley Chang

Hi Everyone! My name is Shelley Chang, and I am a MATESOL candidate at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. I taught English in Taiwan a few years ago, worked in China doing the business thing for a few years, came back to the States to work in the finance industry, and decided that I wanted to go back to teaching. So here I am trying to learn how to teach. =) Hope to learn a lot from all of you! oh!

email: shelleyinthebox@yahoo.com; Skype ID: shelleyinthebox; yahoo ID shelleyinthebox <-- hehe... creative eh? :)



Marina Alfonso

Hello, I'm Marina from Argentina. I've been teaching English for many years, but I started using the web tools not long ago. I teach elementary to advanced undergraduate and graduate students and I love it. I'm now attempting to become a Webhead! My email: maral954@gmail.com



Silvia Colombo

Hi everybody!It's my first-hand experience of BaW! I'm a teacher Of English from Rosario, Argentina. I work at a private language school in my area, mainly teaching adolescent students at elementary, intermediate, and upper-intermediate level. I also have lots of experience in dealing with young learners, between the ages of 9 and 11, who make me feel young at heart! I also belong to a CALL Special Interest Group, coordinated by dear Rita Zeinstejer, a well-known Webhead in action, who has been our mentor for about four years. She has encouraged us to join this session. I believe we, teachers, must regard ICT tools as a supplement to face to face learning. That's why I would like to give it a try! Looking forward to sharing with all of you!

My Yahoo ID: silviaecolombo53

My skype user name:silvia.e

My e-mail address: silviaecolombo53@yahoo.com



Maurice Claypole

Hi everyone. I am from the UK but have been living and teaching in Germany for well over 20 years where I now run a private language school. I have also been creating web lessons and generally fiddling around with the internet for some time now and am looking forward to learning, sharing and networking. My yahoo ID is MauriceClaypole, e-mail: mauriceclaypole@yahoo.com. My Second Life avatar is 'MauriceClaypole Writer'. Other details at www.linguaserve.eu.


Alfia Mironova

it's meI’m Alfia an ESL teacher from Russia. I teach elementary and intermediate levels at school. It’s my third year here. I’ve started using yahoo and communicating during the first year, last year I started blogging. I hope that this year I’ll start using more webtools in my teaching. I love the atmosphere of cooperation here. My yahoo ID – alftimartmir, skype – alifia_m.|


Natalia Malkina

You can call me Natasha. I come from St Petersburg in Russia. I work at Pedagogical University in St Petersburg. I joined the course because I want to learn how to make my teaching more effective and more interesting with the help of new technologies. I teach pre-service EFL teachers for pre-primary and primary schools. Early language learning is a big thing in Russia and it is becoming more popular. I also want to learn how to develop on-line materials both for teachers and for children. I am excited to be here. I am looking forward to making new friends and to to learn what is going on in different parts of the world. My yahoo ID: malkinan,my Skype ID**: natama 93.



Eleni Argyriou

I teach English as an EFL to a state junior high school of Livadia, a town close to Athens, the capital of Greece. I am currently working on my dissertation for my Master in TESOL. I am interested in using technologies in my class and try to use now Second Life. My yahoo ID: elenargy , Skype ID: elenargy1


Claudia Carril

My name is Claudia and I teach English in Montevideo, Uruguay. I have a Bachelor’s degree (TESOL). I train students to take the Cambridge and Trinity exams. Last year I participated in EVO07 (Beginning Internet Activities) and I managed to build my own website and to prepare some activities for my students. I don’t want to miss the opportunity of learning to use new technological tools in my lessons.



Ilse Mönch

Hi everyone I'm from Caracas, Venezuela and currently teaching private English classes to elementary and high school students. I hold a Specialization from Simón Bolívar University in the teaching of foreign languages and am very interested in the use of Web 2.0 tools for language learning. This is my third time in BaW and I belong to Webheads since 2005. I want to get updated with new Internet tools.

Yahoo ID = ilsecmonch, Skype = ilse_monch, Facebook = Ilse Mönch



Ester Salasoo

photo I have taught in Australia, England and the United States. I have completed graduate work in England and spent my Ph.D. research time at an ESL high School in NYC.I love my job because I love to learn about different cultures, and to be able to help new immigrants to reach for the stars. I want to explore the use of technology more as an extra tool to have at hand.



Kate Braun

photoHi! I am from the Chicago area and after finishing my bachelor's degree, I taught English in France for a year. That experience sparked my love for teaching and led me to my current studies pursuing a Master's degree in TESOL at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. I am looking forward to learning from everyone. My yahoo ID is kebraun83|


Noemi Cavalaro

photo I´m a teacher of English as a foreign language in Rosario , Argentina. My yahoo ID is noemi_cavalaro. I´ve taught English to children , adolescents and adults at different levels for more than eleven years now and I´m teaching English to 11-13 year old kids at Normal Nº 1 school at present. It is at this school that we have the opportunity to have a computer lab now that´s why I´m eager to know more about new technologies to be applied to language learning. I joined a CALL SIG group six years ago coordinated by Rita Zeinstejer and I´ve learned a lot with her. I ´d like to learn more about ICTs to enhance my teaching practice and share it with my students and colleagues. I joined BaW 07 last year but couldn´t contribute much to it. This year I feel I much more confident to be part of the team.

My Yahoo ID: noemi_cavalaro

My skype user name:noemicavalaro

My e-mail address: noemicavalaro@yahoo.co.uk



Sally Hirst

My name’s Sally Hirst. I teach English to language learners (MBA prep for Istanbul University) and train pre and in service teachers (DELTA, ICELT and CELTA for ITI in Istanbul and on line Distance DELTA for IH London). My computer skills have developed entirely to deal with immediate situations and are chaotic and patchy as a result. I’m hoping BAW will give me some direction that will help me to become more proactive and slicker when it comes to use of technology in both teaching and training. |


Jarred Brinkmann

My name is Jarred Brinkmann. My yahoo ID is jarred_brinkmann. I am currently studying at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS). I am studying for my MA in TESOL and a CALL certificate. I joined this group to learn more about technology and how it can be used to more effectively teach language.|


Simon Thomas

Hi Everyone, I'm Simon and I am glad to be a member of this group where I hope that we can all bring something to the table and enjoy the feast of knowledge. I teach at university level in Japan and am looking forward to the opportunity to use CALL facilities from April, and that is why I am here. I have not used technology in the classroom before and am relishing the opportunity although I am already overwhelmed by seemingly complex task of adding a photo. I am a Mac user and trying to work around the windows instructions.|


Mbarek Akaddar

Hey All !Happy to meet you !I'm Mbarek Akaddar from Morocco .I have been an EFL teacher for 19 years .I'm interested in integrating ICT in teaching . I find it really exciting to join a wonderful heterogenious group such as BAW where I can meet devoted people to learning and sharing .My yahoo is akaddar1 ,My skype is wanacuf2f , my msn is akaddar13@hotmail.com , my blog is www.akaddar.blogspot.com .IF YOU DON'T KNOW ASK , IF YOU KNOW SHARE !!!|


Jenna Pollock

My name is Jenna Pollock. I live in Seattle, WA and work at Renton Technical College south of the city. I am the "Curriculum & Technology" specialist in Instructional Improvement - basically I work as a teacher-trainer with a focus on educational technology. I work with ESL instructors as well as professional-technical programs (auto, baking, nursing, etc). Email jennapollock2003@yahoo.com|


Linda Eibner

photoI'm teaching in a university foundation program in the UAE and this online stuff is all new to me!lindaeibner@yahoo.com|


Anne Breckenridge

Hi everyone, I'm Annie B and I live in Alsace, France although I am from Glasgow, Scotland originally. I teach English and French to adults here in Alsace and I teach English to retired people in a centre for senior learners in Basel, Switzerland. I hope to add online learning to my courses next year and this group seems to be a real fast track to the skills I need. My Yahoo! ID is anniebreckenridge. My skype name is language.workshop and I am Golondrina Bracken in SL. Nice meeting you!|


Yulia Chuvasheva

Hello! I'm from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. I've been teaching English at the university of architecture and civil engineering for 6 years. I've joined the group to catch up with the world in the field of modern methods. My Yahoo!ID: ychuvasheva.|


Mariana De Luca

Hello everyone! My name is Mariana De Luca. I am from Argentina but I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am working at Central Piedmont Community college. I've been an ESL/EFL teacher for 15 years and I love it! I joined this group because I want to learn to use these tools. I find it very hard; it took me the whole first week to figure out how to include my intro here! I hope I got it right! I am enjoying being with you all! My yahoo id is: e_maian



Karen Murray

photo Hello Everyone! I have finally added my photo and a greeting. I am sorry I am so late. I have been lurking all week but hope to participate more this week. The people in Baw08 seem like so friendly and willing to share information! I joined in 2004 when I was enrolled in the TESOL online program but I didn't participate....I wish I had! Now, I am presently in semi-retirement from teaching college English and ESL. My hope is too learn as much as I can about Web2.0 to that I stay up on latest technologies for the day that I make it back into the f2f classroom or online with students.




Nadi Mohammed

Hello! My name is Nadi Mohammed and I am an EFL Teacher in one of the middle schools here in Morocco. I have been teaching English for almost 5 years now. I am a full-time employee with the public sector. I also do the moonlighting. It is the first time that I join such workshops. I was informed about the EVO 2008 by a friend of mine; who is also an EFL teacher. I would seize the opportunity to thank him through this YG and thank all the moderators as well as the other participants who have joined this session worldwide. The age of my students usually ranges from 14 to 16. They are absolute beginners. the current textbook I am using is named FOCUS. I've joined this group for a lot of reasons; first of which is to get to know the different teachers joining from all over the globe. Then I came with these ideas in mind:


  • update my mind micro-processor
  • Make use of ICT in my classroom
  • help others with the stuff I got
  • make close and everlasting relationships with colleagues* exhange materials

You can get through to to me via these means:

Yahoo ID: nadi_eslteacher

Skype: eflteacher1

Hotmail: nadi_eslteacher@hotmail.com

Mobile phone: 0021260517238|



Melanie Ellis

My name is Melanie Ellis and I've been living and working in the south of Poland for many years, although I'm British. My main job is in a teacher training college where I teach methodology, conversation, academic writing and supervise teaching practice. I also work on in-service courses for teachers of English in state schools. I'm very interested in using all kinds of online possibilities for teacher education. I am pretty much a beginner with anything beyond e-mail so this workshop is really challenging and exciting.I'd like to set up a blog with podcasts and learn how to use Skype for conferencing. It would great to try video conferencing too, but I find that idea quite scary! My yahoo ID is emelanie22. In Skype I'm Melanie.Ellis1. I'd love to hear from anyone involved in teacher training.|


Angelika Carlson

I live and teach in Germany, mostly at college level. I prefer working one-on-one with students and I am hoping to accomplish this electronically. yahooID: angelicarlson|


Veronica de la Vega

Nice to join you all at last! I'm an EFL teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Very interested on these topics and hope to catch up. This is my first experience.

Yahoo ID = veronica.delavega



Fabiane Bravo

Hello everybody! I'm finally here, hope it works! I'm an EFL teacher in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Yahoo ID =fabianebravo Skype ID= Fabiane Bravo|


Liliana Mihalachi

I live and teach in Romania. This is my first experience of this type. My Yahoo ID is l_mihalachi.|


Jewel H. Lee


photoI've teaching Korean for 20 years and still learning how to teach. Plus, I have created my own blog by joining the CALL class in Jan 08 for the first time in my life! jewelhlee@yahoo.com|


Maru del Campo

Hi Everyone! I was born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. I live in Toluca, Mexico since 1989. So, Arriba Mexico!I became a webhead last year, it was a wonderful experience! I am back and hope to be back for BaW09 and the following years. I am sure we will learn a lot!Surely I need the practice. Welcome to a warm, caring and helpful community.|


Ibrahim Rustamov

Salam aleikum from Tajikistan! My name Ibrahim. Currently I am living in Dushanbe. I become a webhead in 2006 and really proud to be a member of theis world wide community of webheads. Though due to unsual winter in country and electricity limits I could not take part in BaW2008 as I hoped and planned. Without any doubt I will be in touch with my fellow webheads year round. My ID:ibrahim_rustamov my blog:www.ibrahimrustamov.com



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