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Complete your information in the table below if you are planning to attend our SL tour on Saturday, Feb 16 at 17:00 GMT. The trip will take around 90 minutes.


For more information, please go to: http://baw-08.pbwiki.com/secondlife



Name in RLName in SLexperience in SLLeft Orientation Island
DafDaf Smirnovyesyes
JAPaul Kurosawayesyes
SusanacaneloSupersusana Aabyenono
Kat UrbaniakKatu DaggerA littleYes
Beyza YilmazBeyza Bonettoa little yes
AnnieGolondrina Brackenyesyes
Nergiz KernDaffodil Fargisa littleyes
MaruMmvcentro Jewellnono
NatasaNatalija Wingtipsnoyes
Mbarekakamak martynova littleyes
TeresaTere ShortNoNo
Natalia MalkinaNatchi AradoNoNo


Second Life Video Tutorials



List of videos available


    • SL tutorial basic
    • Communicating in SL
    • Building Tutorial 1
    • How to use Huds
    • Mix of Interface Tricks
    • Creating a door that opens and closes
    • The Prim Sitter
    • How to use Undo
    • How to set multiple permissions
    • How to change your appearance
    • How to send and crete a notecard
    • How to open and sell boxes
    • How to use gestures
    • Building tutorial by NSS
    • SL Camera by NSS
    • How to make tiny prims
    • Construction tutorial
    • Introduction
    • How to create a profile
    • An overview of scripting in SL
    • Skidz Primz 3.0 Tutorial - How to make yourself the creator
    • How to use the building grid - Second Life Video TuTORial
    • Building in SL: Build a simple chair and a lamp in Second Life
    • Second Life Hair Texture Tutorial
    • Editing Textures in Second Life




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