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Participants' Playground

Look at the Puzzle

Welcome to the Playground



On this page, you will have the opportunity to practice your wiki skills. On the SideBar,at the bottom, you will find some tutorials on how to use WikiStyle. If you have questions, please write to our YG list



Some things you can learn:




  • How to add an image
  • How to create a table
  • How to add bullets


How to:

  • make words in bold
  • make words in italic
  • cross out words


Or you might want to learn how to...


  1. create a numbered list
  2. insert a link to a web page
  3. add a table of content
  4. center a text or image
  5. add a horizontal line




Well, this is your space. Feel free to experiment. Click on Edit Page, and go for it!


Start from here....


Drop me a question:


This is Zsofi's - test it to see if it is working:


Leave Sharon Betts a Voice Message:

Send Me A Message


a new Sprout from http://sproutbuilder.com

The video only has sound - I need to work on that to see why. Sharon



OK! No one wants to play? I guess I will start by adding a screenshot for the Kick -off today!Nice to be a relaxed participant, though I miss the wild action behind the curtains!



[Made with Toonlet.com]

This is Maria Rosario Di Mónaco. I just wanted to try my hand here before going to the participants wiki. Pity I can't upload my photo here but I'm not working from my pc so I don't have access to my files.





Hi everyone!

How do you feel about the use of ICT in your school? Hope you don't have to work like this poor teacher!

For all those who don't speak Spanish, here goes the translation:

"We don't have computers yet, but little by little we're updating our material." (Sorry, I'm terrible at translating!!)


Mónica (Argentina)



To go on smiling! Marina (Argentina)



My share (Daf)


Hi everyone! I decided to come out to play. I am posting this screen shot of vocaboly, a freeware to train TOEFL and GRE vocabulary.


I resized the vocaboly picture using Webbild


Mary Ziller (Philadelphia)


Hi Marina, it was me (Daf) who resized the picture. Big pictures are heavy and free wikis have a limited storage space. If we add heavy images we are restricting other people from uploading their own images ;-)




I'm Mirian and I want to tell you I have no experience in wikis but I can tell you about one of my favourite places in my country which is Madryn Port in the province of Chubut in Argentina. I like it there because you feel you're in contact with nature.This is one of the scenes you can see there!


Here I am experimenting in this space.


Hi! I want to share this link with you (although many of you may already know it). It's great to practice listening skills. www.esl-lab.com Mariana


Hi! Just testing how good or bad I am at uploading files.



And here's a picture of our awesome Iguazú Waterfalls in my beloved Argentina.

(seems i've been able to resize it!!!)

Marina Alfonso


Hi, this is Nelba. I found this joke for week 2 :-)

Skyping Baby Names

width="447" height="250"/>




Hi All, I just want to try out some of the things I've read in WikiStyle. I have a blog  that I'd like you to visit and leave comments on. You can also visit my blog for teaching Business English and another one I have for adult class. Each is still being developed. I absolutely love the joke of a Skyper trying to name his unborn child Skype. Ah ha ha ha ah. Why not Bawo8? I'm going to get MyWiki. Please click on MyWiki.



Hi Everybody! This is Maria Rosario. I'm just back from a tour of the South of Argentina and I wanted to see if I could upload some photos to share with you all.

Here I'm in front of the Perito Moreno glacier.

My husband and I with the Faro del Fin del Mundo in the background.

This is Bahía Onelli, a magical place surrounded by woods, mountains and glaciers in Lago Argentino.


Hey here BaWers!

I'm just trying some of the features of PbWiki.

By the way, I've created my own blog yesterday, please feel free to visit andleave comments (although it's in French only for the moment): Isa's blog!

I like Pbwiki but the fact that we have to use a sort of computer language to modify and format the text is a bit frightening to me! I think I'd rather use Wikispace, but I have to say the experience of editing this page was fun!

And a cute image, to make sure I got how to resize and upload a pic!!!

Good night everyone!



Get Your Own! | More Flash Toys

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